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Manage My Health

May 31 2018

Don't forget to enroll for our online portal - Manage My Health.  This allows the user to make appointments, request prescriptions or email their doctor.  Please inquire at the practice if you would like to have access to this facility.


May 16 2018

We are now accepting new patients.  You are welcome to enrol with one of our new doctors, Dr Alex Lyudin or Dr Nicki Pointing.  Please phone the practice to make a time to come in and our friendly admin team will assist you to complete your application.

Comings & Goings

Apr 27 2018

It is with sadness that we are saying farewell Dr Scott Walker.  Scott is taking some time to pursue other interests.  Scott has been an integral part of Paraparaumu Medical and his contribution, dedication and wonderful sense of humour will be missed.  We are fortunate to be welcoming two new doctors to the practice.  Dr Nicki Pointing and Dr Alex Lyudin will be joining us in May.  

Nicki and Alex are a husband and wife team who met while at University of Otago many years ago!
Both Nicki and Alex completed their clinical training in Dunedin hospital.
Alex enjoys a wide area of medicine and has a special interest in skin surgeries/minor procedures. He has completed a diploma in dermatoscopy (examination of skin lesions). Alex also has post graduate diplomas in Paediatric medicine and women’s health.
Alex has worked as a GP in Dunedin, central wellington and Lower Hutt. He has also enjoyed working in more rural settings in Southland and Central Otago, including obstetric cover there.
Nicki enjoys all aspects of family medicine. She has a special interest in women’s health and mental health. She is currently completing a post graduate diploma in child and adolescent mental health and is also part of the ADHD special interest group.
Nicki has worked at practices in Wellington and Johnsonville.
Nicki and Alex have two children. They enjoy spending their weekends with family and enjoy walking. They are looking forward to exploring all the walking tracks that the Kapiti coast has to offer.

Antibiotic Resistance - We Need Your Help

Mar 14 2018

Antibiotic Resistance

Paraparaumu Medical Centre is asking you to work with us to stop the spread of resistance.

·         The risks of antibiotic resistance spreading further are enormous.

·         The world is on the brink of entering an era when we will have few, if any, useful antibiotics.

·         This means infections we have been able to treat will become more severe and even life-threatening .

What we are doing

·         We will give an antibiotic prescription only if your infection is bacterial.

·         We may or may not give an antibiotic prescription for those bacterial infections that generally last only a few days  (called self- limiting) - this will depend on other factors.

·         Antibiotics are not effective against viruses including colds and flu.

·         Some sore throats are viral – others are bacterial, and in some populations carry serious risks. We can help in distinguishing what type of infection you have and what treatment you need.

·         In some cases you will be told to give us a call if the infection worsens.

·         In other situations you may be given an antibiotic prescription “for your back-pocket”.  In these cases you will also be advised when it will be appropriate to take it to your pharmacy. Please do not take it to the pharmacy unless those conditions are met.


·         Will only be made for people who have serious underlying conditions who risk getting secondary infections and requiring hospitalisation, and those in whom their immune system is compromised.

What you can do?

·         If you are given an antibiotic – take it as instructed.

·         Do not share it with other people.

·         Do not take other people’s antibiotics.

Avoiding infections can help reduce antibiotic resistance.

You can read much more on this subject in the excellent material provided by the Health Navigator website.  This website provides trustworthy, good quality, and reliable health information on most health topics for New Zealanders. It also translates some of its information into other languages – Maori, Pacific, and many of the languages that refugees to NZ speak.

It has an extensive section on Antibiotic resistance including interesting videos and information from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Nurse Practitioner

Mar 06 2018

We are very fortunate to have one of our nurses, Amanda,  about to embark on the Nurse Practitioner pathway.  This means Amanda will be seeing her own patients and once through her training will be able to prescribe medications.  We are sure this will bring an added dimension to our practice and look forward to introducing our patients to this new model of nursing practice.  If you would like to discuss what Amanda can do in your health care management, we would be happy to talk to you about this. 

Flu & Zostavax Vaccines

Mar 06 2018

Flu vaccines will be available early April.  This year we are also providing Zostavax, a vaccination against shingles.  If you are aged between 65-80 years, this is fully funded.  If you wish to have this vaccine at the same time you have your flu shot, please let reception know when booking an appointment.  There is a pre-vaccination checklist you must complete prior to receiving this and this will be given to you when you arrive.

Manage My Health

Dec 18 2017

Over the past few weeks we have experienced problems with Manage My Health and I know this has caused frustration to our patients.  Our IT provider now assures us this has been sorted out and we can expect no further problems.

Download ManageMyHealth Mobile App!

Mar 22 2017

We are pleased to announce that the official ManageMyHealth mobile app for iPhone and Android is now available for download (free!)

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