Updates from the Practice Team

Nurse Practitioner

Mar 06 2018

We are very fortunate to have one of our nurses, Amanda,  about to embark on the Nurse Practitioner pathway.  This means Amanda will be seeing her own patients and once through her training will be able to prescribe medications.  We are sure this will bring an added dimension to our practice and look forward to introducing our patients to this new model of nursing practice.  If you would like to discuss what Amanda can do in your health care management, we would be happy to talk to you about this. 

Flu & Zostavax Vaccines

Mar 06 2018

Flu vaccines will be available early April.  This year we are also providing Zostavax, a vaccination against shingles.  If you are aged between 65-80 years, this is fully funded.  If you wish to have this vaccine at the same time you have your flu shot, please let reception know when booking an appointment.  There is a pre-vaccination checklist you must complete prior to receiving this and this will be given to you when you arrive.

Manage My Health

Dec 18 2017

Over the past few weeks we have experienced problems with Manage My Health and I know this has caused frustration to our patients.  Our IT provider now assures us this has been sorted out and we can expect no further problems.

Download ManageMyHealth Mobile App!

Mar 22 2017

We are pleased to announce that the official ManageMyHealth mobile app for iPhone and Android is now available for download (free!)

 Get it on Google PlayGet it on Google Play




Texting Patients

Aug 25 2015

Happy to receive texts?

If so we would like to start texting you messages such as

Reminders - 'You are due for a blood test.....'  or  'Its time for your diabetes check......'

Results - ' Your INR results are .....' or 'Pls. make an appt. to discuss your latest test results.....'

Don't want to receive texts?

Not a problem!- just let us know & we will make a note to continue contacting you by phone or mail and not to text you

Either way

Please ensure we always have your correct phone number(s)


NB. We can text you but unfortunately we can't receive texts from you

Shared Care Records

Aug 25 2015

A summary of your health records has been immediately available since April 2015 to hospital clinicians, afterhours GPs, and any other GPs you see on a casual basis.

The Shared Care Record lets authorised health care providers access a summary of information from your own GP.

Information like your test results, medical conditions, allergies and prescribed medications is shared. The information is available at any time, even if our medical practice is closed.

The information is stored securely in New Zealand and all access to the information is recorded and routinely audited.

You can choose to withhold some or all of your information. However, if you choose to withhold your information, health professionals involved in your care, for example in an emergency or after hours situation, may not immediately have information available and this could delay appropriate treatment and mean additional tests are needed.

If you don’t wish other health providers to have access to your Shared Care Record, you can opt-out by calling us on 0800 727 664, telling your GP, or sending a letter to the freepost address below:

Freepost Authority Shared Care Record
Compass Health
PO Box 27380
Marion Square
Wellington 6141 (No stamp required)

For more information on the Shared Care Record Project, click here.

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