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Triton Hearing

May 25 2017

Audiologist, Bradley Rose and Ear Nurse, Gail Lees, hold clinics in our medical centre every week.

Bradley is here on Fridays and carries out hearing tests to determine the best aids which he then obtains, fits and follows up. 

Gail is here on Thursdays and specialises in ear wax removal ( micro suction), hearing health checks and audiograms. 

Phone 0800 45 45 42 for an appointment with either Bradley or Gail.

Read more about Triton below.




May 19 2017

Marilyn Tucker, a clinical advisory pharmacist is now working at our medical centre.

Her job includes reviewing medications, particularly for patients who are on multiple drugs prescribed by both hospital doctors and GPs.

Marilyn may contact you to get more information about the medicines you are taking.

Download ManageMyHealth Mobile App!

Mar 22 2017

We are pleased to announce that the official ManageMyHealth mobile app for iPhone and Android is now available for download (free!)

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Health Care Home – We are working towards becoming your HealthCareHome.

Mar 01 2017

For patients this means increased convenience and access and reduced waiting times amongst other things.  Plans include increased use of technology; doctors triaging requests for same day appointments; more coordination of care with outside professionals e.g. diabetes nurses and hospice staff ; and integrated care plans for high needs patients.  ManageMyHealth is a first step towards Paraparaumu Medical Centre becoming your  Health Care Home but there will be many more and we will advise you as they  become ready to be rolled out.


ManageMyHealth is now available to all patients 18 years and over.

Mar 01 2017

We strongly encourage you to sign up if you use a computer or a smart phone. ManageMyHealth is a website through which you can securely access your test results, book a routine appointment or order a repeat prescription of a long term medication.  Pick up a registration form from Reception now. 


Dec 01 2016

What is Manage My Health ? 

  • WWW.managemyhealth.co.nz is a website which enables you to securely access your patient information from our computer

What can you do on the website? 

  • Access the results of laboratory & other tests
  • Order repeat prescriptions 
  • Book appointments 
  • See your immunization history 
  • See when recalls are due 

The Future

  • In time we will be offering more services via Manage My Health


Nov 23 2016

Triton Hearing believe your hearing is as unique and precious as your other senses. That’s why they are dedicated to finding the best solution for you, personally.

They  are New Zealand’s only Consumer Trusted hearing experts. They  offer ear wax removal using the gentle microsuction technique and free hearing tests with genuine, professional advice.

Your hearing changes naturally over time, even gradual hearing loss can mean you’re missing out on more of life’s special moments than you realise. You may find yourself or a loved one:

·         Turning up the volume on the radio or T.V

·         Finding some voices harder to hear

·         Getting comments about your hearing

If you’re noticing anything like this, then it’s probably a good time to get your hearing checked.

Don’t miss out on another moment. If you or someone you care about is interested in better hearing, contact them  today for a FREE appointment at their Clinic in the Paraparaumu Medical Centre on 0800 45 45 42.


Notification of Results of Tests & Procedures

Sep 12 2016


Patients are entitled to be advised of the results of all tests and procedures

At your consultation your doctor or nurse will inform you about the  time frame for your results and make arrangements with you about how you will be  notified of your results e.g. by   text, letter or phone call 

Sometimes your doctor  or nurses will reach agreement with  you that you will be contacted only if your results are abnormal

Even if you agree to be notified only of abnormal results you are welcome to contact the Medical Centre  to check whether your results have been received  and what they are 


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